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Loko Alakin

Home delivered, personalised care

A unique platform to empower patients and care team

We empower care teams with better insights and collaboration to inspire and motivate patients in their journey for better health. 

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Why Alakin

We want to make patient-centered care available to everyone.

Engage yourpatient Create personalizedpathway Manage patientcare with predictions Get patient reported informations to monitor outcomes
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We made it possible with Alakin

Alakin unique algorithms screen symptoms, alert care team and provide support for patients. This along with the capture and analysis of real world data paves way for more personalised and value-based healthcare.

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Team-based care

Relapse prediction



How it works

Digital symptom management to improve patients life.

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Easy setup

Set up your organization easily. You can create multidisciplinary care teams, multiple segmentation, invite users to join, manage rights and authorisation for each members.


Alakin data model is based on FHIR® making the platform interoperable with different EMRs and suitable for clinical research. 

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Single platform for all patients

Alakin is able to handle different pathways for multiple conditions thanks to a powerful drag and drop clinical builder. The platform integrates all the tools necessary for remote monitoring or digital therapies including video conferencing, scheduling and chat.  

Data driven

Data is key to generate insights or alerts, predict relapse and support the care team. We collect inputs directly from the patient through smart devices, surveys and questionnaires. The patient record is actionable and the clinical dashboard a powerful tool of team priorisation and alert management.

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Care where they are for patients

Alakin patient mobile app is designed to engage patients in their journey for better health. Reporting symptoms, vital signs or biometrics is made easy with a conversational feed and connection to smart devices. Patients have access to inspiring educational contents and activities. Thanks to a geolocation they have access to services and products locally to better manage their condition.


Design your own pathways easily

No hassle or code to create your own clinical protocols to monitor your patients. Thanks to a drag and drop interface you can easily integrate your questionnaires, their frequencies and even create personalised feedbacks or actions.

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The latest from Alakin

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