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Collaborative health team with engaged patients for a healthier life 

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Our Mission

We were motivated to create alakin by the realisation that the healthcare system had to change. Our population is growing older. We face an explosion of chronic diseases and our health systems are overstretched. It is without doubt that society will have to deliver healthcare in different ways in the future. And this future is now.

We believe that patient centric multidisciplinary and coordinated team can build a deeper understanding of illness that will allow us to identify and predict its onset and progression. As healthcare organizations and new regulations rise to meet this task, we want to be their partner, providing an integrated health platform.

Our team is purpose-built to succeed the mission with expertise in patient engagement, clinical transformation, behaviour change science and new cutting edge technologies.

Our Story

alakin is produced by Tec2heal, a Paris based company created in july 2021 with the purpose of transforming the way healthcare is delivered with technology and human touch. Tech2heal is co-founded by Doctor Elisabeth Pakin and Fabrice Pakin. Elisabeth is psychiatrist with an extensive experience in hospitals and private practice. She has the vision of changing the way healthcare can be delivered to engage patients for better outcomes.

Fabrice is the founder of Ignilife, a pioneer preventive lifestyle changes platform launched in 2014 in five languages. He knows the power of preventive care and how technology can change the way care can be delivered for more efficiency.

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